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Your trusted Texas partner in security solutions, dedicated to safeguarding what matters most.

Texas State Alarm, LLC was founded in 2008. Since the very beginning we have been focused on providing our fellow Texans with excellent customer service.

We use cutting edge technology to remain competitive and to ensure that you have the most efficient security system possible. Our local representatives are dedicated to providing you with fast and timely service. We offer a large range of security products such as smart cameras, intrusion alarms, and security lighting.

One of our expert security specialists will customize the right system to best protect your home, followed with professional installation performed by our certified technicians.


To empower Texas communities with top-tier security solutions, ensuring peace of mind and safety for families and businesses alike.


To become the premier local choice for comprehensive security services, setting the standard for excellence, innovation, and trust in the Lone Star State.

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Discover how our tailored solutions have safeguarded businesses, homes, and communities across Texas. From thwarting potential threats to enhancing operational efficiency, each case study showcases our commitment to delivering tangible results.

Getting The Right Fire Alarm Detection System Online

The systems feature manual call and sounder devices wirelessly linked to main panel. Whilst wireless systems are more expensive than hard wired standard versions, they negate the.....
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Helping Manufacturers With Workplace Essential Safety

As a key manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical packaging, they have a workforce that has been designated as its packaging is used with a wide range of medical equipment......
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Vendors With Resources To Deliver Safety & Security

Smaller security companies may not have adequate means to support the longevity of thier projects, this generally isn't an issue for larger companies, but beware not all......
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Home Security For The Front And Back Of Your House

Your home is your castle, and you want to do everything possible to protect it. Whether it’s keeping unwanted guests from entering your home or protecting children from a broken....
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Expert’s Guide To Security For Rental Properties

There used to be a time when all you could do as a landlord was hand over the keys and hope your renters would respect your property, that isn’t the case anymore, with transformi...
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The Comprehensive Guide To Smart Doorbell Camera

Keeping your house safe even when you aren’t at home is important to many of us. Whether you have a family, pets, or important assets to secure, it can be helpful to have home......
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